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People in Ireland sepeak Irish, they greet people by saying "Dia Duit". Ireland is n more then 70 miles from the coast to the end of the country. Ireland lands cape consists of a centeral plain surrounded by high mountain ranges. There is a lot of very rich farm land. Winters are wet and mild, summers are mostly cool. A few of their General attitudes are they are lighthearted, good humored, polite, and very cheerful. Work out in the end affects their daily lives. An average family has two children. Extened family usually lives with them or near by. Family is very important to them. Most families rent an apartment or a house. Most people eventually own a home. the MOst common foods are patatoes, smoked salmon ,lamb, sea foods, breads, dairy products, bread with buttermilk, soda, and soups. Patatoes are used for making cakes, chips, bread and french fries. ireland's economy has an elected resident, people have to be 18 to vote. It is divided into 29 countries. Ireland's wild has many different speices of animals. There is only on reptile that is their and it is the lizard. There is over 380 speices of birds. They're wildlife consists of salmon, trout, char, pollan, eel, frogs, pike, and rambow trout. Dublin has a population of 1,645,769 people. Something that the kids do is learn to play a musical instament, music is very imprortant to the children's culture. Dancing is most common for girls to do. Most teenagers have a cell phone. Most kids go to school, then after school they go play with their friends or watch t.v. or spend time with their family. Wisconsin Is 5 hours behind Ireland. When it is 9:00 in Millwakee it is 2:00 in Ireland. A current event is a man charged in commection with break-in at a home of justice. A father of one was refused bal today after a burgalary at a home of justice minister Alan Shatter on Sunday night. The lesson in the story about Ireland is about being giving and kind to others.

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North Korea

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Norht Korea's general attitudes are ratical changes in the nature of terditional Korea sociely. In most families in North Korea sons are offten expected to fallow their fathers foot steps. They can also have large families. 40% of the population live in rural area North Korea's government is greatly involed in their mobilization labor. North Korea covers 46,540 square miles.

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India's general attitudes are they are religious, family is very improtant to people in India. Polical value simple material comforts physcial purity.
Family is a basic social unit, urban families are generally small, with an average amount of two children. They enjoy spending time in their homes, with family. They also are always improving their houses more and more each day. They're economy is primarily an agricultureral, mation. It's economy is changing and improving very quick. India covers over 1,269,338 sqaure miles of land. India is bigger than Iran. Asia.gif

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South Africa

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South Africa has general attitudes such as they face a form, sets of chanllenges including in suficient housing , high unemployment and a lot of violent crimes. white famlies are small, they live as a nuclear unit. Houses are generally are close togeteher and people enjoy a good standerednor living. Housing varies widely by cocioeconomic level. Whites usally have a larger and most expensive houses. South Africa is the ricest country in Africa. Whites enjoy high standeds of living. mixed race people earn to an average GPP. South Africa covers as much as 470,693 square miles of land. South Africa is the size of Peru.
South Africa
South African Economy

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G'Day Austraila

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We left Wisonsin early morning, we were on the plane for at least 18 hours. We pretty much missed a whole day of our vacation. When we first got off the plane, we were greated by a nice "G'Day". When we got off te plain we went staright to our hotel. The food they surved was mainly was grains and sea food. Our first place we went to was one of the zoo's in Mackay. Onne of the most popular animals their was birds, there is over 350 speices of birds. there was kangaroos and emu in the zoo. There was many other animals besides those few but those animals were the most intersesting out of all of the animals we seen. imagesCAFLZWG7.jpg emu.jpg

The weather in Austraila was mostly warm. The tempature was around 32 degrees c. The dated that we arrived on was Friday March 2nd. The current time was 3:01 a.m. After we went to the zoo for a whole day we went back to our hotel tired, as I was watching the news I saw a story the caught my attention. It was about a horse stuck in the mud for about 3 hours. CNN news said the horse was finially pulled from the mud after 3 stressful hours of hard work. Some Australians gave thier time and talents to help save a horse stuck in the mud.

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